Some music theory from Paul Erlich

The Forms of Tonality

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A Middle Path

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Tuning, Tonality, and Twenty-Two-Tone Temperament

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Notable contributions to mailing lists

2001-11-19 Error Heuristic
2001-08 Vos Curves (thread)
2001-07-28 MOS Hypothesis
2001-05-21 Friendly Guide To What We're Talking About
2000-10-05 The Geometry Of Triangular Plots
2000-08 Diadic Harmonic Entropy Minimizer (thread)
1999-10-04 Decatonic Scales As PBs
1998-07-17 Consistent And Unique
1998-07-07 Decatonic Scales In Partchian Terms
1997-12-15 Consistent And Accurate

Elsewhere on the web...

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Decatonic Swing (3 MB)
by Paul Erlich and Ara Sarkissian